Additional Updates Expected at Lopes Playground in Onset

Oct 24, 2019

Be on the lookout for additional enhancements to Lopes Playground in Onset!  With the support of the Municipal Maintenance Department, Wareham CORE was able to salvage the existing playground equipment at Minot Forest Elementary School, prior to the mass demolition.  The equipment was generously donated to Minot Forest Elementary School by the PTA just a few years ago and its’ relocation to Lopes Playground will allow for its’ continued use by the children of Wareham.  Many playground structures, including swings and slides, will be relocated to Lopes Park in the coming months.  These enhancements will further the overall project which includes a new baseball diamond, a refinished gazebo, fresh landscaping, and pathways to make the entire area more accessible.  For more information or volunteer opportunities please visit