Party Mess? Don’t Stress!

Nov 15, 2018

Holiday Parties without the mess and stress! 
Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate with employees and coworkers – but once the party ends, you may be left with mess. If you're looking for a professional service to tackle post-party clean-up,, here's how we can help: 

Party Clean-Up:  

  • Trash pick-up. Clean all areas of the space and remove all large trash items paper plates, cups, and any other large disposable party items.
  • Sanitize all surfaces. Use disinfectant and sanitizing wipes to clean tables, chairs, shelves and all other surfaces within the party space. 
  • Spot clean stains and spills. If you notice any spills during the party, try to clean them right away. The faster you act, the more likely you can get rid of the stain before it permanently sets.
  • Mop hard floor and tile areas. If your office has tiled areas, especially in high-traffic areas, they can quickly become dirty during a party. We can sweep and mop to remove debris. 
  • Vacuum carpets. Pick up all the smaller dirt and debris to make your carpets look good as new again.
  • Clean the bathroom. Sanitize or disinfect toilets, doors, sinks and appliances. Then, refill toilet paper, paper towel rolls and soap dispensers so it's ready for the employees’ return after the holiday break.

In fact, the end of the year is the perfect time to schedule a commercial deep carpet cleaning. That way, everyone can return to an office that looks fresh, feels clean and helps motivate everyone to have a great year. 

Let Clean Right help with holiday and year-round commercial cleaning needs. Email me directly and I'll get back to you today – 

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