Would you like to save money on heating?

Sep 10, 2021

Save Money by Finding and Sealing Leaks

About 45% of a home’s overall utility costs are spend on the cooling and heating systems.

Heat rises to the attic and in turn sucks air into the home through leaks around doors and windows.

A simple way to find leaks is with a burning candle.  Close all doors and windows, turn off the furnace, and turn all the vent fans in the house.  Slowly move the lit candle around doors, windows, attic hatch, etc.  When the flame flickers, you found a leak.

Another way to find energy leaks is with a handheld infared thermometer. ($30-$70) If temperatures vary more than 2 degrees in different parts of a room, it may not be properly sealed.

Seal leaks around base boards and window frames with caulk. Use weather stripping around doors and sliding windows.  Foam tape rolls come in a variety of densities and widths to fill any gaps.  Use foil tape to seal leaks on air ducts.


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