Latham/LaCava Realtors-JACK CONWAY CO

Our combined 40 years’ experience in the real estate industry affords our team the ability to know how to price your home, what price you should pay for a home and what are the best terms and conditions for your particular situation.

The Latham/LaCava Teams main intention is to understand their client’s needs and build a relationship that will last over the course of time. When orchestrating deals for their buyers and sellers, Latham/ LaCava is assertive and effective without being too aggressive. While they are a strong negotiator and advocate for their clients, they are also a compassionate, friendly, humorous partner who eases a process that can often be quite stressful. The Latham/LaCava team is known for integrity, diplomacy, and sincerity in all their dealings. In their tenure in the business, they strive first and foremost to be someone in whom their clientele and colleagues can put their trust and faith in. Every transaction, they believe, is always about their customer. “You are the driver, we are the passengers who are there to guide, educate, and provide the best service possible

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    (774) 454-0480

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    2 East Blvd
    Onset  Massachusetts  02558
    United States