6 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling During The Holidays

Dec 20, 2016

Most of us love the classic 90’s movie Home Alone. In the film Kevin McAllister gets abandoned by his family as they go on holiday travel and has to fight off the Wet Bandits who are burglarizing the neighborhood.


Although movies about home burglary may offer comedic relief, coming back from vacation to find that an intruder was in your home is no laughing matter.


FBI data shows that burglaries peak during the summer but also trend significantly upwards in December. Houses full of activity are much less likely to be broken into, however burglars aren’t the only threat to an empty home.


There are a number of household features that function most efficiently when residents are around. Having people in the house can also be advantageous in the event that a plumbing problem or other home maintenance issue should arise.


Preparing your home for an extended period of absence isn’t as hard as you might think. If you’ll be leaving to visit family or friends this holiday season, here are some simple ways to help ensure your home’s safety while you’re away:



1. Turn off the main water valve. No one wants to return to a severely water damaged house. Reduce the odds of a water pipe bursting and causing damage by turning off the main valve that leads into your house.

2. Adjust the thermostat. Setting your thermostat to 55 degrees can save you money and help eliminate the risk of your pipes freezing while you’re out of town. With Total Connect from Alarm New England you can even turn the heat up and down at will or on a timer from your laptop or smart device.

3. Don’t leave lights on around the clock. When lights are left on day and night, it’s a dead giveaway that nobody is home. Put lights on timers so they can go on and off during the day and evening. You can also control your home lights with Total Connect.

4. Do not broadcast your holiday vacation plans on social media. By doing so, you could be sending an open invitation to intruders.

5. Have a neighbor look after your home, including getting mail and newspapers.

6. Notify your security company. For added security, consider installing motion sensors, electronic locks, and a wireless camera. If you don't have a home security system, we can help!


In real life we do not have a Kevin McAllister to ward off burglars during our holiday vacation. To find out how Alarm New England can help give you peace of mind during this busy season, download this free guide on securing your home.