Aug 23, 2023

Damien’s Pantry’s Warehouse Operations Manager, Jen Polito, works hard to serve the people who visit Damien’s Pantry.  Jen says, “This has been the most fulfilling position of my career.  The volunteers are wonderful, and the clients are wonderful.  Being able to see and talk with the people we help is so rewarding.  I could not have asked to be a part of a better organization and community.”  

Jen was born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York and then moved to Wareham eleven years ago.  After living in Wareham for a few years, Jen decided that she wanted to stay put, so she bought a house and married her husband, Chris.  As the mother of a grown child who now lives in Florida, Jen and Chris are now enjoying life as empty nesters.

Jen has worked in sales in the print industry in the New England area for about 20 years, and she has also always worked in the food and beverage industry as well. In 2021, Jen started looking for volunteer opportunities in her community, and in November 2021, she filled out a Damien’s Pantry volunteer application online.  A few days later she heard back and got started.  Jen says, “The volunteers who I worked with were amazing!  Everyone was doing such a great job and they were so welcoming.  How could I not love being a part of this place?!”

In June 2022, when an opportunity arose to become the Warehouse Operations Manager, Jen applied and got the job.  Since then, she has been a welcome and enthusiastic addition to Damien’s Pantry.

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