Smith Mills Preschool & Kindergarten

Smith Mills Preschool is a private school in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and has been in operation for over 45 years. Our mission is to provide children with a caring and nurturing environment where they can develop a strong foundation for learning.

Our school is an academic based Preschool. Our curriculum encompasses the alphabet and numerical recognition, shapes and colors, and lays the foundation for early reading. We use the Handwriting without Tears for handwriting, Story Town for our Literacy component, and EEC Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences. All this coupled with our certified and experienced teaching teams, makes for a very busy day of learning!

In addition to our academics, we do not lose sight of the fact our students are still children. Throughout our day we offer a variety of "hands on" activities that stimulate play and imagination. This balance promotes opportunities for all types of learners to explore and find success. Additionally, we work with children on understanding the art of sharing, taking turns, and developing the self help skills needed as they mature.

All of our Preschool programs begin at age 2.9 years where you can choose from 2, 3 or 5 half day (8:45 - 12pm) options or a 3 full day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) option.  We also offer Pre-Kindergarten programs for children 4 years old as of September 1st. Parents have the option of a 4 (Tues- Fri) or 5 day half day program or a 4 or 5 day (8:45-2:30pm) full day program.

In addition to our Preschool program, Smith Mills offers a FULL DAY Private Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten has been in operation for over 10 years. Smith Mills Kindergarten provides children with a strong foundation of learning. Our low teacher to child ratio provides the one on one direction that Kindergarteners need to become confident readers, writers and most importantly LEARNERS!

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