‘I just can’t vote for him’: Select Board postpones Waterways Commission reappointment

Jun 12, 2023

After unanimously reappointing 10 other town government committee members, the Select Board failed to pass a motion to reappoint Kevin Murphy to the Waterways Management Commission at its meeting Monday, June 12.

“Mr. Murphy consistently does not abide by rules and regulations,” said Select Board Vice-Chairperson Stanley Mickelson. “I want to thank him for his time, but I just can’t vote for him.”

Chairperson David Tatelbaum agreed, and said he’d vote against the motion.

“I’ve had him numerous times, on a regular basis, try to overrun and overrule what I call the rule of law,” Tatelbaum said. 

The Waterways Commission establishes policies and rules regarding tidal waterways and related public facilities in town, such as marine ramps, docks, wharves, piers and moorings.

After hearing his fellow Select Board members’ comments, Member Shawn McDonald said he was “perplexed.”

“Nothing has been brought forward to this board in regard to anything he has done,” McDonald said. “To be honest with you, this is the first time in a very long time this has occurred.”

McDonald then raised a motion to reappoint Murphy, but it failed to receive a second vote. At the suggestion of Member Heidi Silva Brooks, the Select Board decided to wait to vote on the appointment until the following Select Board meeting so that Murphy could come before the board and address their issues. 

“If we bring Mr. Murphy here, I want to have actual data on things that he's alleged to have done,” McDonald said.