‘No-shave’ fundraiser grows into December

Dec 2, 2020

After a month of scruff at the Dartmouth Police Department as part of its fourth annual No-Shave November, the force is looking to continue its fundraising momentum with “Double Down December.”

According to department spokesman Det. KyleCosta, the beards have been coming in strong at the DPD.

“We look like a department of Grizzly Adams right now — the guys have done a great job,” he said.

This year, the police are fundraising to support the town’s Council on Aging as they continue to help support the town’s elderly residents.

“It was a no-brainer,” said Costa of the choice. “The pandemic hit everybody hard, but it especially hit the elderly population.”

Due to the pandemic, the police department has decided to keep the fundraising drive local, and set the initial goal at $2,500. After getting more than $1,000 in private donations in the first 12 days, the department decided to double its initial $2,500 goal and extend the fundraiser.

As of Dec. 1, the department raised $1,860 through its fundraising page. With buy-ins and matches from the union and the Friends of the Elderly, Costa anticipates that by the end of the drive, the COA will likely have “north of ten grand.”

“I think Amy at the Council on Aging is going to be very happy — they deserve every cent for what they’ve been doing,” he said. “It just shows what a great community and great support we have.”