“Skoshie the Cat” comes to Potter Elementary School

Feb 8, 2024

Nobody’s ever too young or too old to start doing what they love. 

Emely Varosky took her first shot at writing in 1993 when she was just four years old. Looking back at those early drafts and crayon drawings, Varosky admits that it wasn’t her finest work. 

But 31 years later, Varosky is promoting her series of colorful children’s books that follow the adventures of a dragon, octopus and a cat who go on adventures and learn some important lessons along the way. 

Varosky treated children to a live reading of her book “Strange Wild Beings” on Friday, Feb. 2 at Potter Elementary School. The book tells the tale of Skoshie the Cat, who ventures into a foreboding wilderness rumored to be home to all manner of strange beings. 

But Skoshie quickly learns that the forest isn’t as scary as the tales foretold, and in the forest she befriends Zeek the Octopus and Wisp the Dragon. In the end, Skoshie learns to find the good in any situation. 

An artist first and foremost, Varosky is a graphic designer and author of two other children’s books titled “Just a Small Dragon” and “Because You Can,” both of which deliver positive messages about focusing on one’s strengths and self-acceptance. 

Literacy Coach Jennifer Clune, who reached out to Verosky and helped organize the event, said that programs like these show children that what they’re learning in the classroom could develop into future careers.

“I think it’s really important to show students that they can be authors and illustrators if they so choose,” Clune said. 

The chief characters in all three books began as doodles before she eventually decided to incorporate them into children’s books where they developed personalities and started going on adventures. 

She wrote her first two books in 2022, a time-consuming feat, which she says she probably won’t try again. She dedicated 2023 to writing her third book, which she said allowed her to focus more attention on the illustrations.

“You grow each time you do something,” she said of working on her third book.