All about Owls at the Southworth Library

Apr 22, 2023

Koko the Screech Owl was a hoot at the Southworth Library on April 20 where she helped educate over 25 kids on all things owls.

Koko was accompanied by Amanda Nowicki, an educator for the Lloyd Center for the Environment. Together they stunned the young students by showing off the owl’s personality.

Nowicki explained that Koko was adopted by the center when she was one year old. She came from a rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts following an injury caused by a suspected hit-and-run accident, that left the owl mostly blind in one eye and unable to return to the wild.

The kids there to see the owl were happy to ask questions.

One girl asked how old Koko is and was delighted to find out the bird is eight years old, the same as she is.

The kids were shocked to hear wild owls are known to eat skunks, frogs, bunnies and snakes. However, Koko, who lives at the Lloyd Center eats two frozen “mouseicles” a day.

“Animals in captivity who are used to a normal feeding schedule tend to become picky,” said Nowicki. “When we first got her she would eat anything we gave her because she was used to [the] wild, I don’t know when I’m going to eat next, I’m going to eat everything I can. As she got used to a steady schedule she decided I only like certain parts of my mice.”

Now, Koko only likes to eat the heads of the mice she is fed, knowing more food will come again on schedule.

Nick Braga, 4, was thrilled to meet Koko, paying very close attention to the bird during the presentation.

Nick thought it was cool that owls “sometimes hunt for skunks.” He noted that “the cheetah and the owl” are his favorite animals. He has liked owls the best since he was three.

The Lloyd Center works with people of all ages to educate and instill affection for the coastal environment in Dartmouth, where the center is located and creatures like Koko the Screech Owl are found in the wild.