Andy’s toys stop by Dartmouth Mall for a dance party

Apr 29, 2024

While some may have been sleeping in on Sunday or getting a jump start on a productive week, others were busting out their best dance moves with Woody and Buzz from “Toy Story” at the Dartmouth Mall on Sunday, April 28.

With the mall closed off to everyone else, kids had their own private party with the two characters that was accompanied by goodie bags, coloring and a pancake breakfast.

“Rainonis has actually started making pancakes, which actually isn't on their menu, but they do it special for us,” said Beth Zager, senior marketing director of the Dartmouth Mall.

“We like to do these events — we probably do them once a quarter,” Zager said, adding how it’s a “ticketed event” given that the mall is closed.

Next Saturday, May 4, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the mall will have some activities and sales for its Mother’s Day Soirée. There will also be some local artisans available at the mall until 8 p.m. “We’ll also do flower arrangements that you can make for mom — they’re free.”

Kim Keith attended the Toy Story Dance Party with 6-year-old Madealynn Peyton.

 “I just like how friendly everybody is,” Keith said about the day’s event, highlighting how every family gets the opportunity to go meet Buzz and Woody and have their picture taken. 

“Everybody gets to see it — it's just nice seeing all the kids interact with the characters.”

Peyton said she is a big “Toy Story” fan and had already completed some of the themed coloring pages. 

She said her favorite part of the movie is when “Woody becomes confused when Buzz comes.”

Gianna Tusano, 9, attended the event with her sister Aurelia, 11, and their friend Eva Simoes, 11. 

In between catching and popping bubbles, the girls said they were having a lot of “fun” at the event.

While she isn’t a big fan of the movies, Aurelia said she likes how “Woody always wants to make the kids happy,” adding how happy she personally was about the pancakes at the event.

Her sister said she loves seeing all the adventures the characters go on in the movies and was excited to meet Buzz and Woody at the mall.

Simoes said she was just happy “being with my friends and hanging out with the best people in the world: Woody and Buzz!”