Appeals court dismisses lawsuits filed by former Dartmouth cop

Jun 17, 2019

Several lawsuits brought against the town and the state Civil Service Commission by former Dartmouth police officer Frank Condez have been dismissed by the courts.

On June 6, the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed the dismissal of two lawsuits Condez had filed in Bristol County Superior Court, according to court records.

In one of the lawsuits, which named the town and the state Civil Service Commission as defendants, Condez sought to overturn the Commission’s ruling regarding his termination from the Dartmouth Police Department.

The Commission found Condez’s termination was justified due to the “wholly false accusations” made by Condez in 2014 “that Chief [Timothy] Lee was guilty of a felony, namely, criminal abuse of his only child.”

The allegations Condez made were “retaliatory behavior” which was utterly intolerable in a police officer," according to court records. Prior to making the allegations, Condez had been disciplined for installing pirated software on department computers, and tampering with hard drives at the station.

Condez argued the letter he wrote detailing his accusation against Chief Lee was protected free speech under the First Amendment. The courts rejected this argument.

In a separate lawsuit, Condez claimed he had faced unlawful retaliation under the state’s mandated reporter law, which protects people who make reports of sexual abuse. The courts ruled against Condez in that case as well.

Condez most recently ran for Select Board in the 2019 town election. He was defeated by incumbent Shawn McDonald.