Baby raccoon on Tucker Road may be rabid

Jun 26, 2019

Dartmouth’s Animal Control Office warned residents in a Facebook post on Wednesday morning (June 26) that a raccoon tested positive for rabies in the Tucker Road Idlewood area.

According to the post, the raccoon had two babies with it — only one of which was caught. 

Animal control urged residents not to handle wildlife, advising people not to go near or touch any young raccoons in the area, and to make sure any pets are up to date on their rabies vaccines.

“If you find a young raccoon in this area please do not approach or pick it up,” the statement read. “Contact the Animal Control department at 508-910-1840 or Police at 508-910-1735 immediately so we can handle the issue.”

Residents whose pets have an altercation with wildlife should protect themselves by wearing gloves, the statement continued, adding that “if the animal is showing signs of sickness we will make every attempt to remove it.”

But Dartmouth Animal Control also noted that they “can not assume every animal is infected with the virus.”

Massachusetts law prohibits the removal or relocation of healthy wildlife — even on private property — unless the animal poses a danger or is destroying property.

Only a licensed Problem Animal Control agent can legally remove wildlife.