Band plays holiday concert

Dec 20, 2018

Dozens of young musicians packed the stage at the high school for the final holiday concert of the season.

The High School Percussion Ensemble, Stage Band, Eighth Grade Band, and High School Concert Band each performed during the concert on Dec. 20, which was narrated and introduced by John Nunes.

Each group received applause and cheers for their performance to the packed auditorium.

Connor Bailey, an eighth grader and percussion player, was most excited to play “Polar Express,” a selection Nunes said is a perennial favorite for musicians and concert-goers alike.

For Bailey, the value of the band extends far beyond the music.

“Not only is it the musical side of things, it’s bonding and relationships,” Bailey said.

Emma Derrick, a sophomore who plays the flute, agreed.

“My favorite part of band has to be the long bus rides with friends,” Derrick said, in a remarkable testament to the friendships among the members of the band.

“Everyone in the band is so nice,” said Bailey.

Adam Khan, a baritone horn player and an eighth grader, said he appreciates how much he has learned in band.

After the concert, Bill Kingsland, the band’s director, thanked the school and other band staff members, along with the many parent volunteers, for all their support which makes the program possible.