Bird watchers delight, Paskamansett Bird Club’s 60th anniversary celebration

May 22, 2023

Cali the Triton Cockatoo was happy to squawk out a “happy birthday” for the Paskamansett Bird Club’s 60th birthday.

To celebrate 60 years of birding, the club hosted a day of activities from bird-watching walks to informational sessions.

“We’re still visiting [the same places], some of the people who are involved in the club have been for many, many years,” Lauren Miller-Donnelly, member of the bird club and prior club president.

Any bird club member will let you know that it is about the people as much as it is about the birds.

Bethany Jakubson, the owner of Amazing Animal Ambassadors, brought five birds, including Cali, for the bird enthusiasts to admire.

The audience was surprised by Cali’s voice which resembled a walkie-talkie. Of the birds at the showing, Cali was the most outgoing saying “hi cali” throughout the presentation.

Jinx, a blue and gold macaw, was happy to show off his wings while on his perch, impressing many of the people there with his royal blue wings.

Both Jinx and Cali were originally pets that were surrendered by their owners, Jakubson explained, which is how they came to be hers.

Attendees seemed most wowed by Boomerang, a Kookaburra, who showed off his call, which sounded like laughter. His small round body and long flat beak gave him a signature look.

Jakubson explained that Kookaburras are native to Australia, and eat mostly rodents, small reptiles and bugs.

Not all birds were from abroad. Attendees also met two birds of prey native to Massachusetts, Dracula, a great horned owl, and Jasper, a red-tailed hawk.

Both birds were injured by cars and unable to return to the wild and now live in captivity.

Bird club members were interested in the practice of falconry, which is when birds of prey are used for hunting. Jakubson can understand why some people would be interested in such an old practice.

“For the most part, [Jasper] is inseparable from me,” said Jakubson. “He and I have more of a connection than I have had with a lot of other animals, so I can understand why people would want to have that connection with a hawk or a falcon”

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