Bishop stang students return to school full time

Apr 13, 2021

After nearly a full school lear of hybrid learning model, with classes divided alphabetically to attend school on alternate days, Bishop Stang High School students returned to full in person learning on April 12. 

For the remainder of the spring semester, students will report full time in person every day. 

“It was so great to see our students return full time,” Bishop Stang President and Principal Peter Shaughnessy said in a statement.  “Monday felt like the start of a new year in many ways, full of excitement and optimism!” 

Math teacher Tim Morris agreed, saying that he “could not be happier” to have students back in the building.

“The evening before they all returned, I had trouble sleeping just like I always do the night before the first day of school,” Morris noted. “It was so exciting to hear the voices in the hallways, hear the laughter and joy in their voices when they saw their friends, and be able to watch in person while they learned their lessons for the day.” 

An all-remote option will remain available for those who would prefer to learn from home for the remainder of the school year. Online learning will also remain an option for any students in quarantine.

To accommodate the population increase, more desks were added to the school’s classrooms. Seats are assigned, and each classroom teacher maintains  seating charts to help provide quick and accurate contact tracing if needed.

For rooms that cannot fully accommodate the larger sizes, Shaughnessy said some students will likely learn remotely from the school’s library. 

In order to avoid any congestion throughout the day, students will be able to visit their lockers only before school, before their fourth period class, and after school.

With lunches, the school added an additional lunch period to its daily schedule. Much like under the hybrid model, meals have to be ordered the night before so they can be prepared for dropoff the following day.

Students also have the option to eat outdoors (weather permitting).

“I am so proud of how much we were able to accomplish this year despite challenging circumstances and look forward to making these last few months of the year as memorable and full of learning as possible,” Morris said.