Budgets approved in Fire Districts 2 and 3

May 20, 2019

Voters in Dartmouth’s Fire Districts 2 and 3 unanimously approved both budgets for next year at their annual meetings earlier this month.

District 2 voters approved a $798,841 budget — up from last year’s budget of $756,658 — at their meeting on May 13.

Included in the budget is compensation for district officials, firefighters, general expenses and operational expenses, loan payments, and reserve and stabilization funding.

General expenses was the biggest item on the list at $194,243.00, which included $82,500 for insurance (including health insurance) as well as more than $50,0000 for the district’s retirement and building accounts.

In Fire District 3’s May 6 annual meeting, voters approved a $3.37 million budget.

Items include compensation for district officials, firefighters, bond payments for the fire station, and a request to increase the private fire watch detail cost from $35 to $40 per hour. The district is also seeking to spend $50,000 on capital improvements.

A $1.2 million budget was approved in Fire District 1 at their annual meeting on May 8.

Registered voters may attend the meeting of their home district, which is held once per year. Voters weigh in on the budget by voting via a show of hands.