Burgo Basketball’s Summer League provides opportunity for fun and learning

May 26, 2024

Everyone is welcome in the Burgo Basketball Association’s Summer League, but each year a draft is held to evaluate where athletes are at and divide them into teams that will best meet their individual skill needs.

Abbie Hurley, a coach and member of the association’s Board of Directors, said, “We look for kids that are coachable.”

A coaches’ viewing was held over the May 25 to 26 weekend. During the viewing, athletes demonstrate their skills and are evaluated on their dribble, lay up, jump shot and how they do in a three-on-three game. 

After the viewing for boys grades seven and eight, Hurley said, as an example of the draft process, one of the athletes had strong dribbling skills, but needed work on their shooting. The coaches will be able to see that and provide him with focused training once he’s on a team that will suit his needs.

She added how often, kids will come to the viewing nervous and it might even be their first time playing in a while, but “at the end of the day, everybody does make the team and everybody plays a guaranteed equal amount.”

Hurley said, “It's a space where everybody should feel welcome because no matter your talent, you should be able to come and just play basketball and have fun.”

Miguel Flores, 13, is participating in the Summer League for the first time this year. 

He said the coaches’ viewing was “fun” and “simple,” adding, “I like to keep it fun. It keeps it motivating and more interesting.”

Flores said he felt satisfied with his performance, having done well with passing and his defense. However, he said he looks forward to getting more practice with his shooting.

“I hope I get on the same team as my friends,” Flores added. “I think that would make it fun and nice.”

Gabriel LeBeau, 12, said this was his first time playing basketball officially as he was inspired to finally do it after watching his cousin play when he was younger.

“I did decent,” LeBeau said. “I’m thinking of working on my shot as well considering the fact that I didn’t hit a single one.”

Tyell Reboca-Magnett, 13, said this is his third time playing in the Summer League.

In terms of this year’s viewing performance, he said, “I think I did pretty good. It was a good experience.”

He added how he wants to work on his defense.

Steve Burgo, president of the association, said the league has over 90 players this summer, with the average year being around 120.

During the viewing, Burgo called on each athlete, making jokes and having a good time with each one. 

He said he likes to keep it a fun environment: “I want them to know, ‘You’re safe here. You’re here to have a good time. And Mr. B is a nut.’”

Burgo added how he’s looking forward to when the athletes can play year round, which he hopes can begin next year with the lease finally having been signed for the B.B.A. Basketball Complex. 

He said the association still hopes to begin construction this summer, adding that the focus has remained on fundraising for the facility.

“This town has been behind me for quite a while, and now that we have the opportunity, we’ve got to take advantage of it,” Burgo said.