A bus, Sia, and a puppy walk into the YMCA...

Oct 20, 2018

This year, the YMCA’s Halloween festival was a little less spooky but no less fun, as the Haunted House has been replaced by crafts and games.

Young guests enjoyed hayrides, painting and carving pumpkins, and making crafts like cotton ball ghosts and foam Frankensteins at the October 20 event.

“We decided to pare it down a little and focus on the 2 to 7 crowd,” said Executive Director Maia Shwartz.

At the pumpkin carving station, Vivian Reed, 4, carefully painted her pumpkin blue and black in a design she said was inspired by Jack Skellington, the character from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Ava Khazan, 7, went for something a little scarier.

“I’m planning on carving a demon with blood dripping out of its mouth,” Khazan said, and later exclaimed: “Ooh, I’m pulling out the brains!”

Many kids were dressed up as everything from the Joker to a person riding an ostrich.

Dustin Cabral, 6, was dressed up as something especially unusual: A Disney bus.

His mother, Sarah Cabral, said that Dustin especially enjoyed the bus at Disney World, and that visitors to the park end up spending a lot of their time on the bus. She made the meticulously detailed costume by hand.

Penelope Ford, 3 and a half, was dressed as Sia, in the singer's trademark giant black and white wig and bow. Her mother, Courtney Doyle, said that she has been a Sia fan for a long time, and Penelope started to get into Sia's music after the singer recorded the soundtrack for a My Little Pony movie.