Call ID mistake behind police phone scam fears

Jun 12, 2019

In an updated post on their Facebook page, Dartmouth Police said that the Dartmouth Police Athletic League/Dartmouth Police Relief Association was behind fundraising phone calls misidentified as a phone scam this week.

According to the statement, a number of Dartmouth residents were concerned after receiving calls on Tuesday, June 11 from an ID that mistakenly read “Dartmouth Police” instead of the name of the association.

The Dartmouth Police Athletic League/Dartmouth Police Relief Association is currently fundraising for its annual summer concert. The organization’s fundraising firm mistakenly programmed the caller ID and is now working to correct the issue, the statement noted.

“Thanks to those of you who called us last night, as it not only brought this mistake to our attention, but it also confirmed that we are working TOGETHER in an effort to push out helpful information to one another without pause in order to keep OUR community safe!” the Facebook post read.

Dartmouth residents should be aware in the meantime that calls from “Dartmouth Police” may simply be a fundraising effort from the association, and not a phone scam.