Coastal Neighbors Network celebrates nativity Kings with a Queen

Jan 12, 2024

Coastal Neighbors Network celebrated the end of the holiday season with a dramatic flair. 

The network’s annual ‘Twelfth Night’ party on Jan. 6 in Dartmouth brought out Crystal Diamonds, a local drag performer. Jazz singer Gary Langevin and guitarist Nick Arthofer also played for the crowd. Feather Windwalker told fortunes as well.

“Everyone enjoyed the show,” said Andy Pollock, executive director of Coastal Neighbors in a statement. “Social isolation is a big health issue in the older community — We try to take care of both needs by offering help like transportation and small home repairs as well as fun social opportunities.”

The ‘Twelfth Night’ refers to the 12th day of the feast of Christmas and the arrival of the three kings, or Magi, to the Nativity.

“This year, I was trying to think of something new and slightly edgy and Crystal fit the part,” Pollock said. 

Coastal Neighbors Network started in 2017 to support Dartmouth and Westport’s “Aging in Place Community,” or elderly residents that are remaining in their own homes as they age. 

The organization is part of the “village” movement, a concept that links seniors aging in place together virtually and which began in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, according to the AARP. Coastal Neighbors is one of 25 villages in Massachusetts. 

Members pay an annual fee to be part of the network, and receive transportation, friendly visits, help with chores, a list of preferred providers, and health checks in partnership with UMass Dartmouth’s nursing program.