Color Run Fun at the Quinn School

Oct 6, 2018

Miss Massachusetts Teen Jordan St. Onge and Quinn Elementary teacher Kathleen Baldwin stood at the ready along the Quinn Color Run course, armed with a cups full of colored powder.

When number-clad runners young and old flew by, they unleashed a torrent of color upon them, transforming white T-shirts into rainbow works of art.

Once the dust settled, more than 600 participants had run the untimed, one-mile course around Quinn fields at the school’s first-ever color run on October 6.

During the race, runners were sprayed with colored water and showered in colored powder. After all the participants had finished the race, they gathered in the field for a “Color Celebration,” each throwing a color packet into the air, creating what looked like a rainbow explosion.

The proceeds from the event will support cultural programs and field trips for Quinn Elementary students, explained Linda Hamilton, a member of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.

“We just wanted to do an event that brought the community together,” Hamilton said.

Clearly, their plan worked. There were so many participants that the run had to be broken up into groups.

“Making it a family event is so nice,” said Audra Thomas, an assistant principal at Quinn who attended with her daughters.

Many families wore matching outfits, with sparkly tutus, sunglasses, or cowboy hats.

Before the run, Donna Bosworth of Dartmouth Total Fitness led the crowd through a series of warm-ups. She included classic exercises like jumping jacks alongside dance moves and the dance-along song “Baby Shark.”

The event also featured a giant inflatable obstacle course, vendors, and demonstrations from the Dartmouth Police canine unit and a karate studio.

The PTO hopes to make the color run an annual event.