Community Media director bids farewell to public service

Jun 21, 2021

After 27 years working for the town, Dartmouth Community Television’s Director of Media Dr. Cyndi Marland is officially retiring.

At a June 21 Select Board meeting, officials gave the outgoing director their well wishes as  Marland reflected on her time at DCTV. 

She noted that when first starting at the community station, “it wasn’t even public access” and that “someone threw me a contract that said ‘make this happen.’”

“Luckily, I’m a brave person,” Marland said with a laugh. 

Marland also made sure to thank those she worked with, including town officials past and present, the Friends of the Elderly, along with her colleagues at DCTV.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for the town,” she said. 

Replacing Marland is the station’s technical manager Peter Chasse. According to Town Administrator Shawn MacInnes, Chasse has been involved with the town for 26 years.

“He’s been basically Cindy’s right-hand man for decades,” he said. “He knows the system very well.”

Board Chair Shawn McDonald praised Marland for her time and work at the community station.

“Nothing but [a] first class organization,” he said. “The growth of DCTV has just been absolutely remarkable.”

Vice Chair David Tatelbaum agreed, thanking her for the tireless work DCTV put in to stream each of the town’s 40 boards, departments, and offices as they transitioned to remote meetings during the pandemic — along with helping to oversee three virtual Town Meeting.

“She has a great staff, but someone obviously has to pull it together,” he said. “Cyndi’s leaving while at the top of her game.”

Select Board member John Haran also gave his appreciation, thanking her for “all the assistance you’ve given me over the years.”

“And you made him look good too,” McDonald joked. “Magic.”