The Cottages cuts ribbon on new brand

Jun 5, 2019

The Cottages at Dartmouth Village cut the ribbon on their new brand at a celebration with residents, staff, and members of the SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce on June 5.

Community Sales Manager at the Cottages Cheryl Lorantos said that the only thing really changing is the name.

“We’re under new management,” she explained. “We have changed names a few times. But this is a great new company coming in, it’s a much smaller company. And we truly believe that this is going to be a wonderful thing for our residents.”

Lorantos continued, “Our staff hasn’t changed, the way we do things hasn’t changed. We’re still the great community we’ve always been.”

General Manager of the Cottages at Dartmouth Village Jodi Joubert cut the ribbon with staff and Chamber members in the sunshine outside the main entrance of the building.

Since the new company, Leisure Care, took over March 1, the assisted living facility has also become a member of the SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce.

Manager of Business Development and Public Policy for the Chamber Ian Abreu said that they were “thrilled” to welcome the Cottages into the group.

“I have been so proud with this new company,” said Joubert. “They believe in making a positive impact in everybody’s life, no matter who you have contact with, every single day.”

She went on to add that the transition has been “a blessing” and thanked the team of staff at the facility. “This team’s perseverance, compassion, and commitment is inspiring,” she said.

Afterwards, guests and residents mingled over cheese and wine in the lobby while local DJ and singer Jordan Paiva played classic tunes like “My Funny Valentine” and “Maria.” Some residents sang along quietly to the well-known numbers.

“My father was a resident here — passed away in January,” said guest Ed Fernandes. “They took amazing care of him. They looked after him more than I expected. They were like his friends...they went way above and beyond.”

Fernandes added, “I still come to all their events, they invite me to everything. They’re family. It really speaks to the quality of the people here.”