Council on Aging explores foods from across the world

Mar 19, 2024

The Council on Aging continued its theme of cultural luncheons last week with a St.Patrick’s-themed luncheon of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes on Wednesday, March 13.

The Al Mackay Band, an Irish band based in Providence, provided some live Irish music such as Danny Boy and The Fields of Athenry, which tells the not-so-cheerful tale of a young man who is caught stealing corn during the Irish Famine and is sent to a prison colony in Australia. 

These cultural luncheons are funded through a $6,900 grant from the Massachusetts Council on Aging. In February, the Council on Aging hosted a South Korean luncheon where seniors enjoyed traditional Korean foods, learned about Korean history and made their own lotus lanterns. 

In the coming months, the Council on Aging is planning on hosting French and Indian-themed luncheons. 

“Normally, I wouldn’t go to an Indian restaurant,” said Dartmouth resident Cindy Robillard. “It exposes us to different foods and cultures.”