Dartmouth Cultural Center announces new program coordinator

Mar 24, 2020

The Dartmouth Cultural Center has announced that new Program Coordinator Ron Fortier will be joining the non-profit organization.

Fortier, a painter from Fairhaven, has a long history in the arts at Southeastern Massachusetts University (now UMass Dartmouth).

“Ron's background in the art community speaks volumes,” stated the Dartmouth Cultural Center in a press release. “An entrepreneur with a 40+ year career in advertising, an adjunct professor of Marketing, Drawing, 2D Studio, and Art History are but a few of the skills he will share with the DCC's instructors, members, and our community.  Ron knows everyone in the arts community, and those he doesn't, he soon will.”

The Dartmouth Cultural Center will be rescheduling many of the classes in its Spring Program due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Visit dartmouthculturalcenterinc.org for more information.