Dartmouth High names the top 10 students in the Class of 2022

Jun 3, 2022

Dartmouth High School has named the top 10 students of the Class of 2022.

The students, who will celebrate their graduation on June 5 are as follows:

Katherine Quinn, daughter of  Peter and Emily Quinn, who will study at the College of the Holy Cross.

Sophia Waite, daughter of Mary and Benjamin Waite, who will study at Emory University.

Feyza Achilova, daughter of Dilshod Achilov and Shahknoza Kayumova, who will study at Brown University.

Kaitlin Silva, daughter of Adam and Lorraine Silva, who will study at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.

John Kertscher, son of  Kate and Kevin Kertscher, who will study at Hamilton College.

Joshua Moniz, son of Matthew and Andrea Moniz, who will study at Stonehill College.

Kevin Zhang, son of Qun Zhang and Liudong Xing, who will study at the University of Virginia.

Amelia Ablett, daughter of Josh and Sarah Ablett, who will study at UMass Amherst.

Evan Garcia, son of William and Melinda Garcia, who will study at the College of Holy Cross.

Lauren Novo, daughter of Andrea and Jorge Novo, who will study at Emmanuel College.