Dartmouth High spotlights student clubs

Nov 27, 2018

Dartmouth High School opened its doors to prospective students during its “Showcase Night” on Nov. 27, hosted for seventh and eighth graders deciding which high school to attend.

Students hosted tours, answered questions, and showed off the many clubs prospective freshman could look forward to joining.

Senior Victoria Cosmo was representing four clubs: Medical Careers, Animal Rights, Christian Fellowship, and Environmental Club.

“The community they have here is amazing,” Cosmo, who began attending Dartmouth Public Schools in 9th grade, said. “The staff here is so welcoming.”

She said her favorite part of joining clubs is raising awareness about important issues and showing other students what is out there.

Several members of the Unified Bowling Club shared their love of bowling. Fresh from their first practice earlier in the afternoon, they were excited about bowling and spending time together.

“The kids absolutely love it,” said club leader and math teacher Debbie August. “It gives them a chance to socialize.”

The students are also honing their skills.

“I look forward to the possibility of a strike,” said Sarah Waltz.

Sophomores Jackie Mindlin and Emily Fantasia were on hand to spread the word about Harmonix, an a capella group formed by an audition-only class. Both were passionate about the class, taught by Juan Rodriguez, and proud of the work the group has put in so far.

Currently, they are focusing on holiday songs for a series of upcoming concerts. In the spring, they will expand out to other songs, including challenges like “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“We’re all like a family,” said Fantasia. “We fight like a family and hang out like a family.”

Mindlin said she loves learning and expanding her potential and skill set in the class.

Mary Bancroft and Nina Lamarre represented The Spectrum, DHS’ newly online-only paper, which is published every three weeks at dhsspectrum.com and covers everything from current events to student controversies.