Dartmouth Middle students growing their own veggies at new gardening club

Jan 30, 2019

Dartmouth Middle School students are growing their own meals through the school’s newest addition: A gardening club. 

Driven by student interest, Dartmouth Middle School teachers Helen Mitchell and Laura Hellstrom formed a gardening club in the fall. It was the idea of student Kelcey Almeida, who noticed the middle school has a greenhouse that was not being used.

“Me and Sophia [Gioiosa] had a class one day, and we walked by the greenhouse and we were like, this looks like a really good place to start something,” Almeida said. “We went to Mrs. Mitchell and asked questions, made a list, and put it all together.”

Students began growing lettuce and kale inside the greenhouse, which was brought inside and served at lunches in the cafeteria.

While the greenhouse was revitalized, Hellstrom acquired a new piece of tech to bring gardening indoors: A hydroponic tower system. It is housed in the cafeteria, allowing students to see firsthand where and how the food they are eating is grown.

At the Jan. 28 School Committee meeting, members of the gardening club brought kale samples and plants to show school officials, to a welcome reaction.

Hellstrom said she hopes to expand the club going forward. She said a fundraiser is in the works, which will likely include tasty pesto.

The club is also raising money on DonorsChoose to fund the purchase of new equipment, including a composter and heating lamps.

Click here to donate to the DonorsChoose campaign.