Dartmouth student journalists sneak a peek into their futures

Apr 3, 2024

Every year, Dartmouth High School media teacher Robert Perrotti takes his students on a field trip that aims to show them what’s next in their journalistic careers. 

This year, Dartmouth students headed for Boston to check out Emerson College and tour at the NBC10 Boston studios. 

Junior Ben Smith, who wants to be a sports broadcaster, said he enjoyed his time on the trip, but especially when he got an inside look at NBC Sports Boston studios.

Freshman Landon Almeida, who is also interested in post production, also highlighted the different studios they saw at NBC10 Boston, including a new one for Telemundo programs. “It was pretty cool because they have video walls like we do, but a lot bigger.”

Senior intern Ava Cabral, who is interested in post production, “I thought it was really good. It’s cool how you can see how the actual studios are set up and the props they have — all the equipment, lighting — it’s really cool.”

Freshman Noah Clark, who is interested in film directing, said he enjoyed seeing firsthand one of the top-rated journalism schools in the country and to learn about all the opportunities it has to offer, including its own video production studio.

“It makes me want to work even harder,” he said.

Smith added how the students also had the opportunity to connect with some current Emerson students, who are Dartmouth High alums and former students of Perrotti’s, and see where their Dartmouth High School Media experience has gotten them.

One opportunity Smith was excited to hear about was how some Emerson students were able to attend the Superbowl this past year and interview players afterward.

Perrotti said part of the value in showing students these studios is having them see just how similar the work they are already doing is to the actual profession — only on a larger scale and with a greater budget. 

He thanked NBC10 Boston for its hospitality while setting up the tour, adding how there may be plans to bring in some guest speakers in the future.

Perrotti may also be working with Director of Teaching and Learning Ross Thibault in the future to see about having eighth graders join for a trip.

“I think it’s very important for the students to go on trips like this and have experiences like this because I think it adds to the educational experience for them and then it gets them excited about possibly their future,” Perrotti said.