DNRT makes bylaw changes to reflect growth

May 19, 2024

With approximately 1,400 Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust members, the decade old bylaw stating 14 members constitutes a quorum and others like it needed to undergo some changes. 

Members unanimously approved several changes to the bylaws at the DNRT’s annual meeting Wednesday, May 15. 

Now instead of 14, 50 members are required to meet a quorum. In addition, for members to request a special meeting, the minimum requirement has been raised from 10 to 25. 

The number of directors on the Board of Directors has been increased from seven to nine. While the board meets monthly, the bylaws did not previously stipulate the frequency at which it shall convene. 

The bylaws now state the board shall meet at least quarterly and “for organizational purposes other than business in the month subsequent to the annual meeting of the members.”

Additionally, an action that typically requires a meeting can be taken without a meeting if “an absolute majority” of the board consents in writing or through electronic mail. Previously, this needed approval of the whole board, which could only be done in writing.

The bylaws also now state that a director elected to fill a vacancy during an unexpired term must be elected for the remaining unexpired term of their predecessor. 

The bylaws give members the right to inspect all books and records of the DNRT. However, a stipulation has been added to clarify that this is to be done under the supervision of at least one staff member or officer. 

Lastly, the address of the office has been changed from 404 Elm Street to 318 Chase Road to reflect the DNRT’s move.