Easter Bunny visits Stackhouse for holiday photos

Apr 4, 2021

A day before her holiday, the Easter Bunny managed to hop its way over to Bliss Corner for an afternoon of photographs outside the Stackhouse Club on Faith Street.

Throughout the afternoon, guests were able to get their shots in the sun with the bunny along with some socially distanced chatter with their friends.

“The pandemic really hit kids hard, they need the socialization,” co-organizer John Bussiere said. “We have plenty of space — so as long as people do their thing, it works out well.”

Megan Bussiere, who dressed up in a full bunny suit for the occasion, said the idea first began when she got a full bunny costume after having her kids. 

She noted that initially, the idea was to host a pancake breakfast with the bunny to help raise funds for her daughter’s dance team.

The couple also hosts Trunk or Treat events at the Stackhouse Club every Halloween. 

“She’s Mrs. ‘Wants to do all these crazy things,’” John laughed.

“Yeah, I am,” Megan responded. “I can’t help it!” 

While it’s the couple’s first year providing holiday photos at the Bliss Corner parking lot, it’s not the first time the duo has tried to spread Easter cheer.

For their first Easter event in 2020, the Bussieres took the show on the road — driving all over Dartmouth with the bunny suit throughout the course of the day, tossing out candy and making regular stops after getting requests on Facebook.

“That was a long day,” John Bussiere laughed. “I’m not going to lie, this is much better than driving around for six hours.”