Eight graduate from Bristol County Correction Officers Academy

Dec 17, 2022

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office welcomed its eight newest corrections officers at  its recent academy graduation.

This latest group includes William DeSilva, Joshua Garcia, Rabigar Garcia, Roshawn Groce, Owen Harrington, Angelis Hernandez, Brandon McNeil and Mathew Palin.

Over the past few months, the class performed team-building exercises mixed with hands-on and academic lessons in communications, mental health awareness, defensive tactics, policy and procedure, first aid, searches and more.

DeSilva, the valedictorian of the class, thanked all those who helped him along the way — especially his parents.

"I want to thank my mom and dad for instilling in me the work ethic and determination that got me through this academy," he said.

In his final keynote address as sheriff, Thomas Hodgson congratulated the graduates and urged them to work together and lean on one another in their careers. He also reflected on the many graduations he's presided over in his 25 years in office.

"Being here, celebrating with your family and friends as you become a member of our Bristol County Sheriff's Office family means so much to me. It always has and always will," he said. "Being the Sheriff of Bristol County has been the biggest honor of my life. I hope that our graduates today feel the same pride, professionalism and compassion I felt every day for the last quarter century."