Fire District No. 1 responds to house, brush fires

Feb 6, 2019

On Wednesday morning, Dartmouth Fire District No. 1 responded to a trio of incidents, including a house fire, medical emergency, and brush fire.

According to District Chief Brad Ellis, the district received a call about a house on fire at 35 George Street at 9 a.m. A fire had started near the gas line on the front of the ranch-style home before spreading up the wall and into the attic.

The firefighters attacked the fire first from the front and then in the attic, removing material to give the heat and flames a way to vent out.

No one was injured, and the homeowners were not at home at the time the fire broke out. A neighbor saw the flames and called 911.

The home sustained damage from the fire, especially to the roof, along with smoke damage and extensive water damage. When fighting a fire in an attic, water often leaks through the ceiling and inside walls.

While crews were at the scene on George Street, a call came in for a medical emergency. Because firefighters are required to have an ambulance on scene when fighting a fire, the district’s Engine 4 was dispatched to the emergency, where EMTs tended to the patient until an ambulance arrived.

Just as the firefighters returned to the station, they were called to a brush fire at 95 Russells Mills Road, which Ellis said was likely caused by someone throwing a still-lit cigarette butt from his or her car window. Many cigarette butts littered the side of the roadway by the fire.

No one was injured in that incident.

Ellis expressed his gratitude for District No. 3 Chief Richard Arruda and District No. 2 Chief TIm Andre, along with the other district firefighters for their support during the incidents.