Firefighters honored at summer concert

Jul 11, 2019

There was no emergency at the town’s summer concert on July 10 — but the big red fire truck at Apponagansett Park drew the attention of everyone in the crowd anyway.

This week the concert was held in honor of the town’s firefighters, as part of a special series celebrating the 20th anniversary of the town’s summer concerts.

So firefighters from District 3 drove Engine 4 up to the show for a meet-and-greet during the event.

“They invited us to come down and hang out with them, and listen to some music, and meet the public … so here we are,” said District 3 department member Matt Whitlow.

“I think it’s a great idea. Good music, good people, we’ve been handing out stuff for the kids and the adults alike. We’ve had a great time!”

Before the Baha Brothers started playing, officials from Dartmouth Parks and Recreation thanked the firefighters for their service.

Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board Joe Vieira noted that Dartmouth’s three fire districts were all incorporated around 100 years ago — District 1 in 1917, District 2 in 1922, and District 3 in 1923.

Although Fire Districts 1 and 2 couldn’t make it, the concert crowds were thrilled to welcome District 3 with their truck.

“It’s Wednesday night, it’s drill night, so we understand,” Vieira said. “Chief Arruda was gracious enough to send one of his trucks from the North Station.”

“[Everyone] gave a round of applause for the firefighters for all that they do. The crowd was very receptive,” he added.

Over the course of the evening various members of the public came up to express their appreciation.

“It’s a nice turnout, and the music’s right on,” said District 3 firefighter Jason Cadieux. 

“The kids are very excited,” laughed another firefighter, Julie Giusti.

“The kids just gravitate towards the truck, they love it,” agreed Cadieux. “Fire trucks and kids, they go together.”

Vieira was very happy with the way the evening went.

“It’s another beautiful night here in Apponagansett,” he said. “I always have a good time. It’s a great night.”