Full Plate Project receives Donation from The Cottages at Dartmouth Village

Apr 30, 2023

The Cottages at Dartmouth Village raised $3,000 for the Full Plate Project by feeding its residents. 

The Village raised money through raffles and a Friday clam chowder sale during Lent, which they called “Eat Soup and Give,” a fundraiser they plan to bring back. They presented the donation on April 26. 

The Full Plate Project is run through South Coast YMCA and works to provide groceries for free to people in the area. Most of the food is provided by the Greater Boston Food Bank, who provide both nonperishables and produce like carrots or potatoes.

Food is also bought through donations like The Cottages at Dartmouth Villages made.

The donation from the Village was presented in front of Full Plate Project volunteers, who act as the backbone of the initiative.

“YMCA South Coast is built on the shoulders of its volunteers,” said James Scherer, President of South Coast YMCA, adding that YMCA staff and volunteers are a family of their own.

The Full Plate Project supports the community both by providing food for people in need and by providing an outlet for community members to give back by volunteering.

Volunteers stay with the program for years, saying bagging the groceries together and distributing the food always involves lots of smiles and laughs.

“If I’ve done nothing else of value in the day, at least I’ve [volunteered],” said Rachel Lewis, a weekly volunteer for Full Plate Project.

Lewis and other volunteers agree that being a part of the Full Plate Project introduces them to people who share similar interests.

Sy Yules, who currently oversees the Full Plate Project in Dartmouth, said across their five locations along the South Coast they feed about 4,000 households a month which he estimates is over 12,000 people.

For more information and to sign up as a volunteer visit ymcasouthcoast.org/programs/full-plate-project/volunteer.