Fun for the ho, ho, whole family at holiday craft fair in the high school gym

Nov 26, 2023

Around 120 local vendors gathered inside Dartmouth High School’s gymnasium to sell crafts and holiday cheer on Sunday, Nov. 26 — and all of the proceeds will support the local chapter of Toys for Tots. 

“I just love helping other people, I love helping small businesses, it’s what runs the basis of my store” said Amanda Alcaidinho, owner of Westport-based gift shop 3GenLove and organizer of the fair. 

Alcaidinho has organized craft fairs for the past eight years. She opened up her brick-and-mortar shop 3 years ago, which sells her own crafted items, along with the wares from over 50 local businesses. 

“I do all of the craft fairs that I run as non-profits, so I’m always donating what I make,” Alcaidinho said. “I put my heart and soul into all of the craft fairs that I run.”

Just two weeks ago, 3GenLove hosted the 7th Annual Ryan Ferreira Memorial Craft Fair, also in Dartmouth High School. 

Now the focus turns to the holiday season. The Nov. 26 Holiday Craft Fair featured vendors from across the region selling holiday crafts, gifts and treats, along with special guests Elsa, from Frozen, and the big man himself, Santa Claus. 

The vendors, many of them from Dartmouth and Westport, ranged from seasoned craft-fair veterans to first-time sellers. 

Holly Roy and Ann Halstead, from Fall River and Westport, attend a fair every couple of weeks. Roy sells homemade pot holders and custom branded keychains, beer koozies, coasters and bookmarks, to name a few.

“It’s something fun to do,” Roy said. “[The benefit] is really awesome, because kids deserve it.”

Tiffany Leroux started making her hot cocoa bombs and baked goods during the pandemic, and decided to turn it into a business afterwards. Leroux said she appreciates just coming out to meet new people and the chance to see everyone’s crafts. 

Sunday was the very first craft fair for Kristen Perry, of Blissful Crafts. Perry worked for Christmas Tree Shops for 33 years up until its closure over the summer. Perry loves to decorate and craft, so she spent the last few weeks creating holiday decorations, including bows and wreaths. 

Likewise, Hannah Grenier was a first-time vendor on Sunday, selling both her art pieces and her husband’s Dartmouth-made honey. Grenier’s sales will help benefit Flying Starlings, a farm and art education program on Reed Road for both autistic and neurotypical children. 

All 120 vendor tables wrapped in a circle around Dartmouth High School’s gymnasium. In the center, live performances by Artistic Dance Studio, from Fall River, entertained the crowds.

“I like to just make it so the children have places to see things where they don’t have to spend a lot of money,” Alcaidinho said. “They can get some fun out of it while their parents shop.”