Grant funding sought for Dias Landing improvement study

Nov 19, 2019

Could Dias Landing become a town-owned marina? A proposed feasibility study to look into the benefits of the idea could help answer that question. 

At its November 18 meeting, the Select Board signed off on a grant request to the Seaport Economic Council for an economic feasibility study focusing on improvements to Dias Landing. 

The board had previously voted to approve the Waterways Commission’s grant request, but town officials made some tweaks to the grant language to focus its target area on possible activity at the town-owned boat launch on Gulf Road. 

According to Director of Development Deborah Melino-Wender, the feasibility study will answer several key questions: The costs and demand of turning Dias Landing into a marina complete with docks and dockage areas, whether dredging would be required for facility improvements, environmental impacts and any impact on neighboring Apponagansett Park, and parking requirements. 

The $80,000 grant would be funded mostly by the Seaport Economic Council. The town would need to contribute a 20 percent match. 

The ideas the feasibility study will investigate include several key components of the Padanaram Harbor Management Plan. 

The master plan, which was approved earlier in the year, contains dozens of recommendations to improve the harbor, the area surrounding it, and the local economy. 

Waterways Commission member Kevin Murphy said he expects to hear back from the Council in February about the grant award.