Ice cream stand to be added to alpaca farm

Aug 5, 2021

Watching alpacas at Hill Crest Farm can make anyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Soon, there will be ice cream on the premises to cool visitors down.

The farm owners hope to open an ice cream stand on the property, maybe as early as mid-August, said Kelly Michalski, daughter of farm owners Shirley and Roger Lanouette.

The business has been approved by both the Select Board and the Building Inspector. 

That’s sweet news for Michalski.

“I always wanted to do ice cream,’’ she said. “Whenever we have events, we kept saying, ‘We need to have ice cream.’’’

The alpaca farm hosts regular events, including special celebrations for Halloween, Easter and the holidays. They also hold weekly alpaca yoga classes on the premises.

The ice cream stand would bring “something different’’ to the area, Michalski said, adding that there are few ice cream businesses near the farm, which is located on 338 Old Fall River Road.

The stand would be located near the driveway entrance to the farm, Shirley Lanouette said. 

Exact hours and times have not been determined yet, she added. Michalski hopes the business will operate year-round, at least when events are scheduled.

Enjoying ice cream adds another attraction for people visiting the farm, she said.

“They can sit with their ice cream and watch the alpacas,’’ Michalski said. 

Select board chair Shawn McDonald had only question. “We’re not going to have any alpaca flavored ice cream, are we?’’ he said with a laugh.