Impeach Sheriff Hodgson

Dec 16, 2019

To the Editor:

Impeach Hodgson. Save Bristol County. 

The harsh realities experienced by those in other countries and their need to come to the U.S. for refuge is astounding. Many parishes, like St. Julie Billiart’s, follow the natural moral law, that is, laws not written down but nevertheless understood by all men and women who have the use of reason. It is basic common sense and prudence.

In practicing natural moral law, parishioners at St. Julie Billiart were reaching out to oppressed immigrants and refugees struggling for social justice, but Sheriff Hodgson made obvious his contempt for their efforts by reporting information brochures intended to help immigrants locate essential services.  

Sheriff Hodgson’s brazen misinterpretation of St. Julie Billiart’s mission and his audacious removal of those brochures degrades humanity.

Sheriff Hodgson has diminished his office and deserves derision for obfuscating and misdirecting the kindness and compassion shown by St. Julie Billiart parishioners. Mr. Hodgson is shamelessly playing to an audience of one—a juvenile, hypersensitive and power-hungry commander-in-chief.

If only Sheriff Hodgson put in as much time and effort to understanding the Scriptures, as he does to punishing immigrants and cooperating with ICE.

I pray Sheriff Hodgson follows the teachings of his parish and grows in “faith, hope and love.”


Eileen J. Marum