Indoor pickleball facility to open in South Dartmouth

Sep 5, 2023

While outdoor pickleball courts are currently under construction by the town at two separate locations in Dartmouth, a new indoor facility is set to open very soon in South Dartmouth, near the Southworth Library. 

“Pickleball and More” plans to open by the end of September, and will feature nine indoor courts. The facility will staff programming organizers and instructors, and plans to offer tournaments and events later on. The company also wants to acquire a beer and wine license.

The courts will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Registration itself is free, and court rentals will go for $40 an hour. 

Owner Donat Aubuchon already owned the commercial plaza that the facility is in. Aubuchon is a pickleball player himself, which inspired the business venture. 

The “more” part of “Pickleball and More” refers to the company’s plans to use the facility as an event and gathering space, potentially bringing in food trucks and other sports, such as cornhole and darts. 

Residents can sign up for membership on their website. The company is also looking to hire people who love pickleball to work at the facility. 

Pickleball, often called the fastest-growing sport in America, is a variation on tennis in which two or four players hit a ball similar to a Wiffle ball over a net using solid paddles. It’s played on a smaller court than Tennis. 

The Town of Dartmouth, using American Rescue Plan Act funds set aside for recreation, began construction earlier this year on two sets of outdoor courts. 

One location is in Dartmouth Regional Park, at the end of Harry M. Reynolds Drive. Two courts will be built there. 

Four more courts will be created by converting basketball courts on Slocum Road, near Crapo field. One of the basketball courts will be left in place, as it is a memorial court for a late student.