Kids craft winter objects at Southworth Library

Feb 22, 2023

The Southworth Library became a winter wonderland Wednesday afternoon, as kids crafted some seasonally-appropriate decorations inside the Elsie Haskell Auditorium to remember their February vacation.

The program was sponsored by Friends of the Dartmouth Libraries.

A session was also held at the North Branch Library earlier in the day.

Those looking to showcase their engineering skills had the chance to construct igloos using marshmallows and toothpicks — although many opted to make “mansions” or other modern art-style structures.

Other activities included crafting snowmen using paper and crayons or circular sponges and paint. 

Most snowmen stuck to traditional designs. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Thailar Vincent chose to design her’s after a clown — something that scares her.

When asked why she chose to draw a clown, Vincent laughed somewhat maniacally and walked away.