Kitten came to shelter to be euthanized, is now adopted

Feb 14, 2020

Phoenix the kitten has made a miraculous recovery.

Late last November, the weeks-old kitty was brought from Fall River to the Humane Society and Shelter Southcoast in North Dartmouth to be euthanized.

When he came in, he was filthy and in very poor shape, according to shelter director Melinda Ventura.

“He was a mess,” said Ventura. “He was barely alive.”

A Facebook post by the shelter announcing his adoption gave details on his transformation.

“It was not looking good for him,” read the shelter’s statement. “It was thought that it was his best interest to be humanely euthanized to end his suffering.”

But help came in the form of shelter employee Tracy Martin, who Ventura said took him home and cleaned him up. He was given food, a bath, fluids, a heating pad, and some TLC. 

“Within hours he looked much better,” Ventura said, adding, “He’s really, really sweet.”

Phoenix named after a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes was transferred to a foster home for a couple of months, where he bonded with another cat, his new best friend Wynona.

The pair were both adopted out on January 31 to the Frasier family of New Bedford, and Phoenix is looking better than ever, according to his new mom.

“He’s very playful, very sweet. He loves to give kisses,” said Eileen Frasier, who adopted both Phoenix and Wynona, now named Kanga. 

She had no idea of his history when she went to meet him, but shelter employees showed her photos of him when he first arrived.

“I was dumbfounded,” Frasier said. “It was an absolutely ridiculous transformation. Completely crazy.” 

Frasier, along with her kids Daniel, 8, and Elizabeth, 6, and husband Bill, have all fallen in love with their newest family members, she said.

“They’re just such a good fit for the family,” she said. “You can tell they were made for us.”

“It was truly our little miracle of the year,” finished the shelter’s statement.