Legal Advertisements - Week of June 23, 2022

Jun 23, 2022


Apotho Therapeutics Notice is hereby given by Apotho Therapeutics Dartmouth Inc (Apotho Therapeutics) that a Community Outreach Meeting for a proposed Marijuana Adult Use Retail Establishment is scheduled for Wednesday July 13th, 2022 at 4:00PM and will be held virtually, and is open to the public. The proposed Licensee is anticipated to be located at 747 State Road Dartmouth MA, 02747. There will be an opportunity for the public to ask questions. The meeting will cover at a minimum the following topics: a) the proposed location and the type of the Marijuana Establishment with zoning compliance information; b) the building being moved into [and the proposed buildout, if any], and compliance with security requirements as outlined by 935 CMR 500 et seq. )the Massachusetts adult-use marijuana regulations); c) steps taken by Apotho Therapeutics Dartmouth Inc to prevent the diversion of marijuana to minors; d) Apotho Therapeutics Dartmouth Inc`s plan to positively impact the local community; and; d) information demonstrating how Apotho Therapeutics Dartmouth Inc intends to ensure that the location will not constitute a nuisance to the community as defined by the law. In advance of the meeting, email your questions to Questions not emailed to 24 hours before the meeting will not be addressed.

Instructions for joining the virtual meeting via online are as follows:

Open any internet browser (Google,Firefox, Safari)
Copy the link
Paste the link into your search bar
Select Join Now, Zoom may ask for a Meeting Passcode, there is no meeting passcode
You have now joined the Dartmouth Community Outreach Meeting. Please keep your camera on and your microphone muted.
After the presentation, the presenter(s) will answer additional questions.
Instructions for joining the virtual meeting via phone call are as follows:
Please ensure your dial pad is open on your phone and call +13017158592
Please enter in the Meeting ID: 83516753154 and then press pound (#)

You have now Joined the Dartmouth Community Outreach Meeting. Please keep your microphone muted until the end of the presentations and also save your questions for the end of the presentation.
After the presentation, the presenter(s) will answer additional questions.

A copy of this notice is filed with the town or city clerk, the planning board, the contracting authority for the municipality, and the local licensing authority for adult use of Cannabis, if applicable. A copy of this noticed was mailed at least seven calendar days prior to the community outreach meeting to the abutters of the proposed address of the Marijuana Establishment, the owners of the land directly opposite on any public or private street way and the abutters to the abutters within three hundred feet of the property line of the petitioner as they appear in the most recent applicable tax list, notwithstanding that the land of any such owner is located in another city or town. Thank You, Mathew Medeiros President of Apotho Therapeutics Dartmouth Inc LLC. June 20th 2022.