Letter to the Editor: On Sheriff Hodgson and Eileen Marum

May 12, 2020
To the Editor:
It is true that everyone has an opinion, and with each opinion we can probably agree to disagree, especially about Sheriff Hodgson.
In full disclosure, I am not now, never have been, and probably never will be a fan or follower of the sheriff. It is my opinion that the sheriff is an arrogant and self-absorbed person who thinks he is a police officer (not even close). Additionally, I am an undeclared voter; I vote for a person, not for the letter after his or her name.
That being said, the sheriff’s job is to incarcerate individuals who have broken or are accused of breaking the law. The inmates and those in holding for hearings are not there for a vacation. THAT is basic civics.
When Ms. Marum wrote her letter to the editor on the ICE facility disturbance in the May 7 issue of Dartmouth Week, she was doing just fine beating up on the sheriff until she started screaming as she was writing and couldn’t help herself. She fell into the same trap of vitriolic garbage as most do when they try to equate the sheriff and the president, uttering the parlance of lies, misinformation, obfuscations and half-truths — of which they never seem to be able to mention a particular event.
If logic could prevail, the voters of Bristol County could vote the sheriff out of office. But it has become apparent that the opposition hasn’t found anyone who can beat the sheriff at his game.
Wayne Vandal