Little copshop of horrors: kids brave haunted headquarters

Oct 31, 2022

Miniature monsters and knee-high heroes braved the haunted horrors of the Dartmouth Police Station on Monday, Oct. 31 where Dartmouth’s boys in blue were dressed in anything but.

The Haunted Headquarters event — formerly an annual fixture — had disappeared without a trace in recent years, only to rise from the grave for the department’s 100-year anniversary.

Sandy Howland, a retiree of the department who planned the event with her brother-in-law Lenny Gauvin, said the night had been a success as fiendish families filed fearlessly through the foyer.

“We’ve had a constant stream [of families],” she said. “Since we haven’t done it in a while, we weren’t sure, but it’s been good. So hopefully they’ll bring it back.”

Inside the station, Dartmouth children braved the terrifying mystery maze, hair-raising haunted hallways, and a little cop of horrors, collecting countless candies along the way.

Two of the intrepid trick-or-treaters, Xavier Monroe, 7, and Liam Corley, 8, came dreadfully dressed in the maniacal masks of their favorite horror-movie monsters, Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees.

“I watched all the movies of this,” Munroe said from behind his “Halloween” mask, admitting that despite his moxie, “sometimes I got scared.”

Elsewhere, Kennedy Sampaio — suited up in a full NASA space suit — boldly went where few kids had gone before, emerging from a cloud of smoke with a bag full of candy and her extraterrestrial brother Jacob.

“I found him in the smoke,” she said.

Howland said the Dare to Scare event was an effort to promote community policing.

“It’s just for the community to come in and see the station and see the officers having fun,” she said.

Howland said the best costume she saw was Wednesday Addams.

“She was really good,” she said. “We’ve had some real good ones come though.”