Local Artisan Show returns to Dartmouth for garden sale

Apr 25, 2022

The Local Artisan Show was back in Dartmouth on Saturday, April 23 at its new home at Doves Foot Pottery where artists’ booths were scattered around a picturesque garden full of spring foliage. 

The show featured a dozen different vendors with offerings ranging from wool paintings to local jams and jellies.

The artisan show was previously held in December at the Macomber House in Westport before Covid forced the event outside

Since then, Amy Thurber, who has been a part of planning the shows since they first began 23 years ago, has hosted the shows at her home and studio at 219 Horseneck Road. 

Thurber said that the outdoor shows have been very successful and will likely continue even after the group can return to indoor exhibitions. 

The appeal was easy to see at Doves Foot Pottery where daffodils and other flowers were in full bloom.

“It wasn’t like this about a week ago — it was drenched,” Thurber said. “But then the sun came out and everything just popped.”

She added that she has been working on the garden for years and was glad to have a reason to make it look nice. 

Thurber’s booth featured handmade pottery featuring natural motifs like leaves and fauna.

Another artist, Stephanie Stroud, was selling a collection of “wool paintings,” which she makes by felting wool to create soft landscapes..

“I want them to look like paintings until you get close and realize it’s felt,” she said. 

Thurber said that the artisan show is a fairly casual organization but has endured because of the dedication of the artists who participate.

“It’s really just a group of art friends — it’s very informal,” she said. “But because we’re so committed to each other and art shows, we keep it going.”