Masks to be required for outside groups in schools

Sep 13, 2021

Outside groups using Dartmouth schools will be required to wear masks while in the building, School Committee members agreed at their Sept. 13 meeting, saying visitors should follow the same rule as students and staff. 

“We have to protect our staff and students and our larger goal of keeping kids in school,’’ committee member Mary Waite said. “That remains our larger priority.’’

A letter will be sent to all organizations requesting use of the building that reminds them of the mask mandate.

How that will be enforced will be up to the specific organizations, committee members said. 

Some athletic groups have appointed individuals within their organizations to ensure that Covid protocols are followed, Waite said. That could be one way that organizations using the school could handle the situation, she said.

Committee Chair Dr. Shannon Jenkins said that letters sent to organizations will explain the mask mandate and must be signed by representatives of groups using the buildings.

By doing this, she said, the “organization is aware’’ of the policy, which will be in writing.

“Non-compliance may have a negative effect on the future use of the facilities,’’ she said.