More green options under new power contract

Jan 4, 2021

Residents will now see a new name at the bottom of their monthly energy bills — along with more green options and a longer term fixed rate.

As of the new year, Dartmouth has entered a new contract as part of its electricity aggregation program. With the new contract, the town switched its power supplier from Public Power to Constellation.

According to interim Development Director Cody Haddad, the new contract offers electricity to residents for a fixed rate over a longer period of time than the Eversource rate, which changed every six months.

Under the Public Power contract, the standard rate was 10 cents per kilowatt while the green rate was 9.8 per kilowatt hour. With the new deal, the default rate will remain roughly the same with added “local green” options at 12 or 14 cents per kilowatt hour.

Dartmouth began its Community Aggregation Program in 2016. The program allows Dartmouth and neighboring cities and towns to bulk purchase electricity and secure a fixed rate for the contract period.

All electric customers in Dartmouth were automatically enrolled in the program when it began in 2016. For those who are still enrolled, no action is required to continue participation under the new contract.